Drive Belt question

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Drive Belt question

Post by Mikey » Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:09 am

Anyone have any experience with aftermarket drive belts? Gates makes one GATES PL30808 which is less then 1/2 the price of OEM but people on the Burgman site do not think to highly of them.

Then there is Erlandson Scooter Bando Standard Drive Belt DBHOKGGB.
This is what they state:
Top Cog construction that strengthens side wall
All belts meet or exceed OEM specifications
All GBoost belts are made in the USA
Genuine Bando belts are made in Japan
Bando is the world’s largest scooter belt manufacturer and is OEM on most brands of scooters

I have a 2500 miles to go but was starting to wonder.

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Re: Drive Belt question

Post by TommyXP » Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:16 pm

Though I have NO experience with aftermarket drive-belts and violate the basic integrity of this thread; I expect to be forgiven considering the chances that this becomes the All-time-most-responded to posting on at this moment in Time.

Personally, I stick with OEM on this critical part of the drive-train, for the OEM has shown and proven to get me +15,000 miles.....Saving a few bucks, to me, isn't worth that many miles of 'wondering' whether 'their' marketing hype is true, and is enough to put my ever-dwindling precious Mind @ Ease while I wait and see; riding every mile of The Way....
I don't question their being the largest scooter belt manufacturer, but I wonder how these other scooters are 'set-up'? I've noticed some where the belt is merely a straight transmission (chain-like) to the rear wheel and unlike the SH's utilization of 2 sets of variable pulleys applying stresses in a myriad of vectors and not just subject to centrifugal force and merely lugging a rear wheel around in glorious endless circles.
Who knows? Certainly not this Negative-Nancy. Some things I OEM; some things I don't.

Presently, its cold and windy out, with ~a foot of snow thankfully covering the ill-kempt lawn that suffers from foolishly wanting to thrive during riding Season. Tomorrow is forecast with a 'high' of -1°F and low of -12°w/30mph winds. Though I haven't shoveled the porch, the stairs, the walkway, the drive...I do keep a clear path to the shed where the SH abides upon a battery-tender, in the event that a set of steel-studded tires should fall out of the sky and free this Spirit from the banal drudgery's this physical apparition of a World imposes .....
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Re: Drive Belt question

Post by SH125Paul » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:30 pm

As far as i am aware...
Bando are the OE manufacturers of Honda drive belts...
Cost between the two isnt much, but Bando belts would need to be ordered, delivered etc not generaly available UK
Local Honda dealer has belts in stock...
Mitsuboshi are the OE manufactures of Yamaha drive belts...
Same again ordering Yam dealer etc.

Wouldn't risk the Malosi, Polini or other such after market makes... A few quid saved on a belt is easily spent (and more!) when it all goes tits up!

One thing i would recommend are the Dr Pulley Rollers (But go OE Weight)
used em in a 200 gilera runner, Yam Xmax250, and they are in my SH125 and my XMax400 (400 Majesty engine...)

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