Overtorquing the swing arm
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Author:  octaman [ Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overtorquing the swing arm

Sounds incredible! :o

I can understand the arrow mix-up (to a degree) but confusing two differently sized tyres . . . . . ???

Mikey, you know what my problem is? Having to deal with the 'wheel change monkeys' in a polite and diplomatic way. Sometimes they are receptive to client's input, but most of the time they have this know-it-all attitude and just don't listen. Whether the other person is right or wrong you have to first listen.
Listening is a big virtue most lack! That drives me crazy and can lead to huge arguments. :x

Author:  TommyXP [ Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overtorquing the swing arm

octaman wrote:
Listening is a big virtue most lack! :x

Agree. And even then sometimes we hear only what we desire to hear...
All our ancient and current spiritual guides Know this stems from a lack of Humility.
Humility is the very basis; the very foundation; of ALL the Virtues.....
Practice Practice Practice.....And by the Grace of God: the very cure for our and the World's woes.

Author:  NADman [ Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overtorquing the swing arm

It seems that "Easter" is interfering with my favorite day of the year.

Author:  octaman [ Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overtorquing the swing arm

In Greece, we have the Orthodox Easter this coming Sunday, 8th April.
I never could reason why Easter cannot be on the same day for all of Christianity, every year, everywhere in the world.
Whatever your preference in celebrating, be happy, be humble and be blessed.

Author:  TommyXP [ Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overtorquing the swing arm

Yes, for I too the Resurrection is celebrated on the 8th this year (Greek/Russian Orthodox) and I was just going along with the majority in this post-Christian era (phase) of civilization (esp. EU) and not wishing to desecrate the Holy-day by reminding the Romans and their 30,000 Protestant-sect off-shoots how they forsook the salvation of their very souls when they split from the One and only True Church of Christ by trying to establish Pope-ism and replace Christ as the very Head of His Church here on Earth.

The discrepancy lies in 'calendars' and whether one follow the Gregorian or the Julian, it is extremely difficult to synchronize the solar and/or lunar cycles with the silliness going on here on Earth; but it certainly would have easier without The Diabolical Split.

None-the-less, pray the Grace of God to be able to Love one-another... Though easy to say, we cannot entirely do that on our own.....

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