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Forum Rules

Post by robber57 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:15 am

Welcome at the Shcooter forum, a forum dedicated to all matters concerning Honda's SH line of motor scooters.

1. new members are expected to make at least one post in the "new Users" forum, take some time to introduce yourself and your ride like you also would do in real life.
This measure acts as a spam control tool for the moderators and admin and makes their lives considerably easier and keeps the board clean.
New users who dont post at least one introduction topic will be automatically deleted from the member list the next day (!)
Your first post will be under supervision of approval,after approval of your first post you will be free to post further messages without approval.

2. No flaming or personal attacks. Show respect to others and you will receive theirs.

3. No off topic posts or topic hijacking,try to keep messages relevant to the subject of the topic starter
You can start new topics in the appropriate forum.

4. Try to keep images as small as possible if uploaded to the site,we have limited server space so this is a must, it would be nice if everyone would try to keep their attachments as small as possible, it is already a huge advantage to be able to post on the forum server as most forums dont allow this so please use this feature sensibly.
If you resize your pictures to a maximum of 640x480 or 480x640 @ 128 KB max. and save them in jpeg @ 75% quality you have enough detail and these give excellent viewing and stay within upload limits.

5. Try to keep your signature compact and preferably limited to 4 lines of plain normal text without pictures, dont make lists like this:
yoshisuni exhaust
55 watt H4 lights
trunk cases
Do it like this: yoshisuni exhaust - 55 watt H4 lights - trunk cases

6. No posting or linking porn images or other offensive material, discussion or locations of warez/illegal software, scams and no posting of copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright holder.

7. Posts must be in English and use common courtesy and conventions (NO SHOUTING-CAPS LOCK, no cussing and please avoid "textspeak").

9. Do not post to threads that have been inactive for more than 30 days unless you are the topic starter.

10. No cross posting; thats posting one question in multiple forums, just post one question in the appropriate forum.

11. Forum members should not engage in any form of commercial self-promotion, this is regarded as spam.
If you want to post commercial stuff and have good reasons to do it first contact forum staff to explain your case and permission may be granted.

11. If you have a problem or a question about a rule,staff or a member, please contact the admin or a moderator via email or Private Message only, dont open a topic to discuss or comment on staff or members.
Dont comment on other users behavior or try to correct them, PM or email staff and your problem will be addressed.

12. This forum is not a democracy but a dictatorship, the moderator or administrator has final saying in all matters regarding this forum, failing to follow a moderator's or admin's instructions can result in banning or deletion of the member list.

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