Spam wave-if youre a new member read this!

New Member?, check this first.
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Spam wave-if youre a new member read this!

Post by robber57 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:33 pm

Most users will have noticed it; we are under attack by (probably) a spam bot , daily there are some 10-20-30 spam messages and users we have to delete manually.
Thats the accounts you see, behind the scenes there are at some days 20 to 50 new accounts created by the bad guys and all have to be deleted from the database.

Since the volume is large its obvious at some point mistakes can be made by me or other staff and you're fresh and newly made account can be deleted by accident.
If this happens; sorry for that, once deleted i can not re-install you're account so please register again and send me a private message so i will notice you're account between the ones of the bad guys.

Also notice that forum rules have changed for new members:
New users who dont post at least one introduction topic will be automatically deleted from the member list the next day (!)
Your first post will be under supervision of approval,after approval of your first post you will be free to post further messages without approval.

I am working on the problem but keeping the spam out is not so easy as the bad guys get smarter every day,this will take time to solve and in the mean time we have to put up with it.

Kudos for Bigbird and Pappy for their relentless efforts to eliminate the vermin!
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