Hello from Middle America

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Hello from Middle America

Post by Poorboy » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:56 pm

I haven't bought an SH yet but I've always been interested despite not really catching on in the US and think it could be perfect for my 5 mile/ 45mph commute and a great way to get my wife started on two wheels. I have my eye on a maroon 2010 with 11,000 miles for $1500 at a local BMW motorcycle dealer.


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Re: Hello from Middle America

Post by TommyXP » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:37 am

Welcome to Forum, Poorboy.
I agree that the 2010SH didn't 'catch-on' in North America like it should have and attribute it to the FACT that there just aren't that many practical, intelligent, handsome people left on this Planet, whose face isn't planted in some kinda device instead of the gentle buffeting of a cruising breeze.

To me and my 2 SH's, 11,000 miles is barely the 'break-in' point for these always reliant marvels of engineering; and many others here would also agree.
Thinking back; one of the things that really surprised me that I wasn't expecting, was that at 40 - 45mph there is absolutely NO strain upon the engine and it actually feels like the 'sweet-spot' where She would like to run at Her entire Life. I was prepared to be hanging on while the lil' beast was a screaming beneath me BUT instead She feels to be only a notch or 2 above idle and oh so smooth and content.

With the assurance of ~40,000 miles of trouble-free constant usage; I encourage and would agree with your decision IF you should so decide to act and purchase.......
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