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Post by Villager » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:40 pm

Greetings from The Villages, Fl. , a huge retirement community . I retired from GM up in Michigan after 42 years. Naturally, being from the Detroit area , I love Motown music and am a huge car nut, bikes, go karts, snow mobiles and fast cars . Right now, I’m really enjoying scooting around The Villages . Motorcycling has changed since I did it back in the late ‘60’s . Too many cars, drivers texting and continual cell phone usage while driving .
I’m looking forward to reading posts on this forum !

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Re: Introduction

Post by TommyXP » Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:49 am

Welcome to the Forum Villager. In my yute I lived a couple miles down from the GM Tech Center where my father retired from transportation and I also had an uncle who presided as Chief Engineer for many years. Naturally I share your same passions too and hopefully you weren't a drunken renegade like me or we may have crossed-paths. I recall many a night around the reflecting pool in front of the center after the bars closed (Jon-Jons amoungst many others) as the closest, quietest 'romantic' setting readily available (then) if one didn't want to make the short trip to Stoney Creek (before 'they' enclosed and monetized it) where one could spend the night driving the ~5 mile circuit continuously, at a crawl, whilst drinking and listening to music till the sun came up......

Your mention of "The Village" reminded me of a British TV series from 1968 (17 episodes-DVD) called "The Prisoner", where the phrase "I am a man, not a number" initially originated.
"After resigning from a top-secret position, a man is abducted from his London home and taken to mysterious place known only as The Village. Residents of the Village, known only by numbers, are held captive on account of their valuable knowledge. The Prisoner - Number Six - must protect his mind in order to preserve his humanity while he struggles to discover the identity of Number One and achieve his freedom."
I wonder how your Village stacks-up against this?

I hope this Forum can be some service to you and that you share some of your own thoughts and experiences here too.
Freedom is not something you are given. Its something you take.

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Re: Introduction

Post by steveslamanca » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:52 am

Welcome to the forum.
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