Here's what we can't buy in the USA.

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Re: Here's what we can't buy in the USA.

Post by hdsteal » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:31 pm

Mikey wrote:I have to agree. Technological advances over human history was to free up leisure time for mankind and make his life easier. It has gone beyond that and now is going in the opposite direction and making life complex, expensive and with the loss of leisure time.
Capitalism at it's best I believe. HMMMMM

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Re: Here's what we can't buy in the USA.

Post by TommyXP » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:01 am

Wondering IF it is Capitalism that is solely responsible for the primary vexations of 'this' world today. There are many other extremely negative/demonic forces that compete to capture the ENTIRE worlds' 'soul' whilst operating entirely outside the physical realm in which capitalism abides in.

I speculate that a huge portion of mankind has more leisure-time (time not concentrated on providing food and warmth) than EVER before BUT has allowed his precious God-given Soul to be captured and newly enslaved by his electronic 'devices'. People have become virtually welded to their 'screens' and on many occasions, if they hadn't been so entranced and merely looked up they could have avoided death and maybe also noticed LIFE. They sleep and awake to these 'things' like addicts in constant pursuit of what is 'new' (neophilia). Though this has become the 'norm' it is anything but wholesome and is entirely 'unnatural' (unlike Nature). The only thing that is 'new' is their allowing their own captivation to illusions and phantasms easily (magically) created to 'apparently' exist in the physical realm ONLY in their minds; all at the price of forgetting God.

Nature, though constantly ever renewing Herself, is extremely-extremely stable: "There is nothing new underneath the Sun"(Ecclesiastes 1:9). Anything 'new' in the physical realm is only what we have finally lifted our consciousness to understand/discover and has been already in existence for aeons upon aeons and ARE those precious things that don't immediately expire upon our transitioning beyound this realm that many are presently unwittingly FOREVER mired in.
Though it has cost me 99% of all life-long relationships; having NO devices, I utterly refuse to 'go along' in order to 'get along' and though it is 39° outside, I am going for a ride......Peace
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Re: Here's what we can't buy in the USA.

Post by stonerolled » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:12 pm

Just checked and it says fuel capacity is 7.5 liters which is 1.98 gallons. My 2010 manual says 1.98 , non california. I'm sure its nice but I'm knocking on the 15000 mile door and would like to wear the 153cc engine out if possible before replacing, unless I go nuts and spring for honda's new 800lb scooter, goldwing dct.

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