Introduction - greetings from Yorkshire

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Introduction - greetings from Yorkshire

Post by Scooby0612 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:42 am

Hello to all. I’m currently on my third SH300, the second was stolen recently from leeds town centre. It’s was parked with steering lock on but no additional security measures. Lock horse bolted etc. Anyhoo I managed to secure some cctv from an office overlooking where I parked it. It’s worth pointing out that it took the two concerned 30 seconds to be off. They arrived on another stolen scooter two up. One jumped off and ragged the steering lock off effortlessly and sat on it to steer while his pal on the other scooter used his foot against the back of mine to propel it away. They set off the wrong way up a one way street nearly straight into a Merc coming towards and out into a very busy junction directly in front of the magistrates and crown courts where there is always some police presence and which is overlooked by a preponderance of cctv cameras. Gone. It’s hard to put into words that feeling when you come back and look at an empty space where you know you parked something. By the time I got a lift home the crime had already been written off by the police. I was basically advised I’d never see it again and it the police saw it there’s very little they can do, they can’t chase it etc in case the little darlings fall off and hurt themselves or go the wrong way on roads etc. So that said I’ve had to source another while awaiting insurance decision. I’ve ridden all sorts over the years and have had sports bikes, but for all year round commuting regardless of weather I can’t fault these bikes. I must have clocked getting on for 40k miles on them by now. I have to say the 2019 model has some nice design tweaks; fairing around the leg is easier on the eye, the lights ace, a full face lid actually goes under the seat now where there’s a charging point - handy to top phone up - the bike rides smoothly though quite why I need t/c I don’t know. The keyless ignition is different and it encourages thoughtful habits when parking up. I now carry a decent lock with me. I have previously always had Givi Airflow screens on the bike which I found to be excellent in deflecting wind up and over. However, if my research is correct they don’t do one to fit a current 2019 model. So all that waffle gets me to the question - does anyone have any experience with a current model and can advise Re a decent screen that can be fitted - the Honda one is far too big for my liking it’s like riding behind a wardrobe door. Any advice gratefully received - plus by way of a PS I’ve got a maroon red brand new front panel that fits around radiator and sides for. 2013 model that’s no good to me now which I could make available to someone- if that’s not allowed here apologies.. thanks

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Re: Introduction - greetings from Yorkshire

Post by TommyXP » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:52 am

Welcome to the Forum Scooby and thanks for taking the time to share your heartfelt tale of woe. It will be of great value to others that read it. I recently plumbed the depths of 'that' feeling when one thinks he knows where something is and should be; and it is not there. Takes a lot out of you.
I only have two 2010 SH's and haven't any experience with the 300 to share with you. Although, I installed two factory windscreens on them and can relate to your appraisal size=wise. But that is an easy fix, as I removed a good two inches off the top and now my vision is not obscured and the wind flow over the head is such that I ride wearing a ball cap. Personally I'd always recommend the factory over all others I have yet to see, mainly because of the meaty rigidity of the supports, that make the others I have noticed seem flimsy; but what do I know IMHO.....
Hope your back on the road soon and never have to experience 'that' sensation again in this life Time.
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Re: Introduction - greetings from Yorkshire

Post by SH125Paul » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:32 am

How Do Scooby...
This is great site for everything SH..
'Im from SE London with a 'lil SH125 for commuting and a XMax400 for weekend blasts!
Have you seen ... 70e23c668e
Great for a UK based scooter fix... Commuter (SH and PCX etc) Mid Weights (XMax300s) Lookers (Vespa lot!) Tourers (Burger Brigade) and Sport Types (TMaxers)
Take a look...

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