Lazy SH rider views the entire eclipse; no sweat.

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Lazy SH rider views the entire eclipse; no sweat.

Post by TommyXP » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:58 am

Saw a lot of people sitting/baking in the Sun on an 85°f day for >2 hours, catching glimpses of the Eclipse phenomena through some heavy duty goggles. Yikes! That's not for me.......

I rode out to the State Park next to the St. Clair River, and chose a picnic table under a canopy of tree's and slightly moved it to a spot that allowed about a one foot diameter of unimpeded Sun-light to fall on the table in front of me whilst I remained most comfortable in the shade.

Using an ~6" square of 'highly polished' Obsidian (hardened volcanic ash) left over from past investigations into 'mediums' (fortune-tellers), Magic, witchcraft and especially Alchemy. Most use the obsidian the same as a 'crystal-ball' (known as a 'scrying mirror') to de-focus the sight sense in order to 'attempt' to focus the Mind (most unwittingly get lost in The Imagination); trying to sneak-in through the back door and explore that other realm that is far more easily accessed and more entirely made available via the practice of the teachings of Christianity (come to find out after leaving it all behind so long ago!).

It is like looking into a Black Mirror and offers some interesting characteristics. Not only does it accurately reproduce the entire Color-spectrum amidst the blackness of everything perfectly reflected, it also absorbs UV-B rays; the ones that can severely damage the vision in humans; or so I read in many a study and I was about to offer/sacrifice our highest 'physical' sense to verify the accuracy of this past founded bit of knowledge.

So, with the 'mirror' set slightly tilted towards me, in the small pool of light, I could put on the polarized (don't know if being 'polarized' made any difference) riding sunglasses that hung about my neck and look at the magnificent Sun as the Moon used it as a shadow-puppet. As the iris adapted to the initial brilliance, the objects came into sharp view.
About every 15 minutes I had to scoot the table about a foot to the left in order to follow the pool of Light that the leaves created especially for me.

Luckily, I have many other idea's to ponder and only had to glance at it every few minutes or so to appreciate the gist of the matter, and very, very clearly view the heavenly display and then return to my coffee and reading of The Synaxarion.

There was a light breeze off the water and it was an extremely pleasant summer afternoon IN THE SHADE!

Note:One can also safely view the Sun without any device 'within' 1 hour of Sundown and 'within' 1 hour after Sunrise, as the oblique angle of It's rays through the Earths atmosphere blocks the harmful UV-B rays.
By slowly adapting ones vision by doing this only for seconds to begin with, and slowly increasing the time over many days (I can presently stare for many minutes), one will be astounded by the sight of what is really going on UP there. Hard to describe the visible energies being produced. Unimaginable. Truly a wonder that most NEVER see.

Caution/Disclaimer: I do not recommend attempting ANY of the above without one doing their own homework first. There are volumes of information easily available concerning this most ancient human practice.
It is also said to de-calcify the Pineal Gland (?).
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Re: Lazy SH rider views the entire eclipse; no sweat.

Post by NADman » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:19 pm

The Pineal gland was my biggest concern.

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