Riding jackets

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Riding jackets

Post by bikeguy » Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:03 pm

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cold weather jacket? It doesn't necessarily have to be waterproof as I already have a lightweight rain jacket that can fit over most any jacket. And I live in San Diego where we get very little rain and I most likely won't ride the SH on rain days due to the generally horrible driving by most cagers in even the lightest drizzle. Those days I'll join the herd and jump in my cage for safety. I'll consider either a leather or textile jacket as long as it's good quality and would like to keep it <$500. What are your favorite brands and why? What do you own and what have you owned? The jacket I've been sporting is a Bilt leather/mesh. Decent jacket that's made for warmer temps. It flows a lot of air and I have to wear a long sleeve and sweatshirt under it when I ride to work in the morning in about 62F. I don't think I can fit enough layers under it to make it work for much colder than than that though. Thanks for any info!
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Re: Riding jackets

Post by Activator » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:22 am

Take a look at the Alpinestars Verona. Under $200. I have the Verona "Air", which is great for the heat, but the regular Verona is waterproof and warm. I like it because it looks almost like a "regular" jacket... not a "motorcycle" jacket. Very discreet, lightweight, yet feels protective. Note that neither the Air or regular version come with a back protector, so you might want to add the Alpinestars CE protector as well.

http://motorcycle.motorcycle-superstore ... h#w=verona

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